Celebrity Chef Stew

Welcome to the world of Celebrity Chef Robert Stewart! A motivational speaker, writer, and published author only briefly describes some of the titles of Robert “Chef Stew” Stewart. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chef Stew’s energy is invested in all ventures equally, but his greatest passion is cooking and making people feel good through his amazing five-star dishes.

Chef Stewart has been on this culinary quest for several years, collecting memorabilia along theway. Chefs’ collection includes over 45 different collages from various jobs that have significant meaning to him. During this time, I acquired precision and uniform knife skills as a BanquetChef working a carving station requiring me to use a different type of knife. Thereafter, a PrepCook. This position, very important to the Chef, required cuts of clean tenderloin, cut fruit, cutcheese using traditional Chef Knives Meat Cleavers, Serrated and Paring Knives I used on adaily basis. I’m aware of all the cuts, sizes and terminology associated as well as proper cleaning techniques, and storage practices for knives.

“For it was by design that I would walk through these doors before I could walk through my own” To remind himself of the above phrase he actually created collages of every paystub from each place where he has been employed during his journey.

After gaining popularity for both his mouth-watering food and his vibrant personality within the Atlanta entertainment industry, Chef decided to bring the world into the kitchen by filming

“Industry Soup W/ Chef Stew” which allowed everyone to get a glimpse into the life of a Celebrity Chef and share in the biggest moments of his career.

After building a formidable reputation in the culinary industry, he was honored to become Personal Chef to Actress/Comedian Luenell. This was not only an amazing opportunity for Chef Stew, but also a career move because he then had to leave Atlanta after spending 7 years in pursuit of owning his own restaurant, to be aptly named Stewarts Bistro. However, moving to California was a dream come true for him, taking him from Baltimore, Maryland to the hallway of Food Network, where he was a contestant on “Guy’s Grocery Games” with Chef Guy Fieri.

He has gained several clients in both the Corporate and Entertainment industries, who solicit his services for catering and private dinners while traveling across the country. Some of his A-LIST clientele include, Actress/Comedian Luenell, Lala Hathaway, Jasmine Guy, Tony Terry, Demetria McKinney, Shaquille O’Neal, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Tracee Ellis Ross, Skyler Jett, and Kym Whitley to name a few.

Chef Stew has made appearances on OWN Network’s Television Show Raising Whitley, Food Network’s Show Guy’s Grocery Games & Cutthroat Kitchen, Baltimore’s FOX 45 Morning show, DelMarva Life Morning show, and more to come. He also has a unique and authentic chef jacket autographed with the names of celebrities he has had the honor of cooking for. Chef Stew still continues to pursue his dream of eventually opening his restaurant called “International Stew” in multiple major cities worldwide, publishing his children’s book titled “Maryland Crab” that depicts the life of the Blue Crab, and starring on his own television cooking show.

“I take no credit for this amazing journey; it truly was the work of the Master tailor of life. I will say that once you lock the mind’s eye on an objective, if you can withstand all that it takes to accomplish it, I think it’s impossible not to accomplish it. The life lessons learned, people you meet, places you go, things you change, trials you face, pain you endure, and anything you face.. It won’t matter… Trust me it’s well WORTH IT….

With a dream, positive mental attitude, a nice smile, determination, integrity, ambition, loyalty, faith, perseverance, love, dependability, and honor.. These things were all I had. See this whole journey I was broke, I had no car, homeless, you name it, and everything was going wrong. It didn’t matter, I wanted my own Restaurant. I was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish this dream. You must have a burning desire, a obsession with its accomplishment, and a definite Aim. The rest is easy! “ChefStew”

Now with the Law of Attraction, Networking, Food Team, Aramark, Acrobat, Party Staff & JPO Staffing Agencies, and Referrals are working. Once the plan went into effect, I had the pleasure of working at the following establishments. Thereafter, I appeared on “Industry Soup W/ Chef Stew”, ” In the Kitchen W/ Chef Stew” on www.wxrpradio.com, Table Scraps_Tv, Cooking for Celebrities, Music Video’s, Song’s, Stewart’s Bistro, Books, Motivational Speaker, Restaurant Consultant, Food Network’s Guys Grocery Games and Cutthroat Kitchen, OWN TV NETWORK’s Raising Whitley, BCPS TV Educational Channel and others.