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Email: Let us tell you what we believe in.

Let us tell you what we believe in…We believe that no one person should ever go hungry. We believe in community and we believe in standing for those who are less fortunate. Everything we do we do because we believe that everyone (no matter race, creed, economical status, housed or unhoused) deserves the gift of human connection and the warmth of a kind stranger’s hug.We believe that everything is possible with genuine drive, compassion, passion, empathy and hard work. We challenge those who’ve never felt the need to serve someone who has less than them. We are innovative, we are rebels, we go against the grain and we think differently. We connect with those who are less fortunate not just because of our founders story, but because we genuinely care about their true potential that lies deep within us all. Volunteers and homeless alike. Wanna join us?

Introducing ServingHopeLV:

Which started with a pot of spaghetti, #ServingHopeLV, a group of young Las Vegans, reach out every Monday to serve those who are less fortunate. Less fortunate to us is anyone who is unemployed, underemployed and or homeless. Not missing a Monday in four years, we serve anywhere from 150-560 less fortunate people, on any given Monday night, at the same location for three hours all for free. We serve in the rain, in the sun, in the dark and holidays…we serve. On the surface, we provide those who are less fortunate with fresh food, clothing, hygiene and hair cuts all for free. Underneath our servings, staying with them every step of the way, is a layer of fresh resources that (once they are ready) we give them to get them back on their feet again. Opportunities such as housing, counseling, job placement, and

resume building to get them back on their feet quickly. 100% volunteer based, we pride ourselves on being straight people power and completely independent of any church, or major charity organization.

Story of us:

With no media presence, without a single website or having to purchase any advertising whatsoever, we went from one single pot of spaghetti that served thirty people to, a Facebook page happily dubbed “Serving the Less Fortunate Monday Nights – Las Vegas” over 2,735 people. Last year we had over 5,000 people come down and pay it forward with us. We have close to 105 (63 which are full time) volunteers that break up into teams to delegate, manage workflow and resources. We’ve gifted out 69,314 articles of clothing and we’ve given out over 48,233 bottles of water and served 97,142 individual plates of food all for free. We’ve also managed to take a handful of less fortunate lives off the street as well who are now employed, housed, and paying back into society again.

Our motto is ‘we’re just friends serving future friends.’ 

Our Goal:

We don’t believe in the word ‘enable’ we believe in community and our goal is not to serve a bunch of people in line, but to get them out of line. In our lines we see future Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Firefighter, Mothers and Fathers, and that is how we treat them. That is why we call them ‘Future Friends.’ Because we treat them as so.

Our goal, once their stomach is full and once they have a clean shirt on their back, is to ask “Now, what do you need?” Because we know that the real work comes once their certainty is met when it comes to food and clothing. In the next few years, we see #ServinghopeLV chapters in Seattle Washington (#ServingHopeWA), we are now in Hawaii (#ServinghopeHI), New York (#ServingHopeNY), and in the Uk (#ServingHopeLondon). We see ourselves where ever homelessness is a challenge.

Our goal is take an additional six thousand lives off of the street by 2020. To guide them, assist them into getting back on their feet again, so that they come back to us as a volunteer ready to serve on the other side of the table.

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#ServingHopeLV; We are a hands on community based volunteer operated organization offering shared services to help solve the most immediate needs of those who are less fortunate (unemployed, under employed and/or homeless). An organization that comes together to leverage our own personal resources to provide those who are in need with fresh food, hygiene and clothing every week. We are locally based, we are independent of any church or major charity organization and we provide our resources for free. Serving families who are in need locally. Join us